Love can melt anything in this world it doesn’t matter how cold hearted, rowdy, emotionless someone is, then how come the ‘Ardab Mutiyaran’  Sonam and Mehreen will escape from this magic of love. With this flavour of love a new song ‘Challa’ of ‘Ardab Mutiyaran’ movie is released. In the song Sonam, Ajay, Ninja and Mehreen all are seen in love. 

The song is released under the label of White Hill Music in association with Towchain Motion Pictures in which lyrics are penned by Our Sidhu and voice of Gur Sidhu and Harpi Gill is doing complete justice to lyrics. The song is completely different from the previous released content of the movie even from the basic concept as this song is about soft and polite characters but the movie’s basic story line is predicted as it belongs to tough and rowdy characters. 

Even in the video of the song, Sonam and Ajay Sarkaria are living the life of unmarried couple by doing shopping together, going on a date, etc whereas Ninja and Mehreen are living the life of married couple who travel to office together, Mehreen is cooking and Ninja looking at her with love, etc which somewhere clears the story that who is married and who is not. Like this they all are living each and every moment with each other to the best. 

Now what we have to see how these ‘Ardab Mutiyaran’ can be ‘Ardab’ and ’Loving’ at the same time. Also how the director will connect all these plot together as ‘Jatti Jeone Morh Wargi’  along with trailer is completely different from the ‘Challa’. To find out how these Ardab Mutiyaran will rule the hearts of Ninja and Ajay along with their audience will be revealed on 18th October’19.