Different movies with different story line is served like ’Jatt and Julliet’ a love story, ‘Punjab 1984’ a patriotic movie, ‘Carry on Jatta 2’ a comedy family drama and ‘Muklawa’ a story on marriage ritual was there but one name is common in them which is White Hill Studios. Yes! White Hill Studios has always given an extra effort to deliver something different from the league. In present scenario where most of the movies are plotted in period time they come up with the modern cinema because the trailer of their next movie ‘Ardab Mutiyaran’ is released and the movie will hit the screens on 18th October’19. In the movie you will see Sonam Bajwa, Ninja, Ajay Sarkaria, Mehreen Pirzada, BN Sharma, Upasana Singh, Sudesh Lehri, Rajeev Mehra, Navneet Nishan, Inderpal Singh, Chesta Bhagat and Myra Singh in the StarCast. 

Before talking about the trailer let’s discuss about our own rowdy actress Sonam Bajwa who possess a rowdy character and her ardab nature is what around which the basic storyline of the movie revolves around. Even the dialect that she carries with that ‘Amritsari’ vocabulary is commendable and how can we forget the attire that she wears is an add on to her character. 

Further talking about the trailer, Sonam is seen opposite to Ajay Sarkaria and Mehreen is seen opposite to Ninja. Both Ajay and Ninja are in recessive characters as no where in the trailer they dominate their partners. Moreover, Sonam and Mehreen are not on good equations as they both maintains that ‘Ardab’ nature with each other. Also, Sudesh Lehri is seen as a big brother of Ajay Sarkaria along with his family and Chadha Finance has provided background to the movie and the makers have maintained the essence of real life because hindi language is also there which creates the impact that in real life both punjabi and hindi survives together. Along with this the technical point that voice echos in closed space(Chadha Financial office) is also considered which shows how supervision is given to each and every single aspect. Furthermore the direction to the movie is given by Manav Shah who had last served us with ‘Sikander2’  and dialogues are given by Rakesh Dhawan where story and screenplay is given by Dheeraj Rattan. 

Now what we have to see that how this Rowdy character will live in the theatres and also Mehreen is seen less in that Ardab Character now will she be able to get neck to neck with Sonam . Moreover,it may also delivers a message which demonstates the problem that girls face while doing marriage rituals. now is it for entertainment or it will deliver some message. Further, how the ‘Ardab Mutiyaran’ will torture their partner with their ‘Ardabness’ and how they will put forward this girl power and their perspective to their audience. Also, how much all will enjoy the entertainment of this rural flavoured girl in urban scenario named Babbu Bains. All this will be clear when movie will hit the screens on 18th October’19.