‘Ardaas Karaan’ is on of the biggest release of year 2019 because it is a sequel to ‘Ardaas’ film which released in 2016 and proved to be a massive hit. Now, it’s sequel is titled ‘Ardaas Karaan’ and audience is waiting to witness this one from last many years. Teaser of this film is already out which has created a hype and recently it’s Chapter 1 is also out as the team of this film has promised to deliver it instead of releasing it’s Trailer. They will open chapters of the film one by one which will give the glimpse of story.

Chapter 1 is not bound of any words because the way how it is presented is very grand which you can feel better after witnessing. The beginning is with the shots of kids who are playing in the village with a tyre which is shown amazingly in a dust storm. Right in the next shot, there is Gippy Grewal’s voice given in the background who is explaining the scenes with his meaningful words like ‘Ardaas Karaan Pyareyo Nikle Veham Bharam Da Kurha, Asi Nitt Sikhiye Ji Ik Saar Hon Da Udha‘ which means we should not believe in superstitions and also we must learn to stand with each other. Similarly, the whole ‘Chapter 1’ is described in this way by which in every shot, he is explaining. The combination of his words and scenes is very well complimenting one another. Furthermore, in other scenes ‘Sardar Sohi’ is shown in the character of Pandit and ‘Rana Jung Bahadur’ is shown in Muslim character.

The story of this film is going to give us something new which is religious attached to our society. Talking technically, Chapter 1 has really presented in a grand way because they have taken wide shots with powerful Background Music which is directly going deep down the hearts. As a viewer, the whole chapter is visually a great treat to the eyes and now expectations from the film are gone much higher. ‘Ardaas Karaan’ is releasing on 19th July, 2019 and hope this team will release more Chapters soon.