Rhythm Boyz Entertainment is one of the most innovative and creative production house in the Punabi film industry. Their movies always revolve around the culture and traditions of Punjab. It was just some time ago that Rhythm Boyz gave us period dramas like ‘Lahoriye’, ‘Bambukat’, and ‘Angrej’ and all these films were indeed a beautiful package for us as they went beyond the contemporary style, and brought to us times gone by and also made us delve into our own history and connect us to our roots.

Well, another movie to join this caravan of period drama by Rhythm Boyz will be an upcoming film ‘Car Reebna Waali’. Amrinder Gill shared the poster of the movie through his Instagram story.

The movie is written by Amberdeep Singh who has previously written movies like ‘Angrez’, ‘Love Punjab’, ‘Lahoriye’, and ‘Goreyan Nu Daffa Karo’. As far as our guesses go, the movie might be directed by Amberdeep Singh and we might as well have Amrinder Gill as the lead actor.

From what we gather from the poster of the film, it seems like a movie set in the olden times with an old car all decorated with ribbons, standing alone amidst a desert. Well, who will be the lead actors and what will the story be about is still too early to comprehend but one thing that we can make out is that it might revolve around the concept of marriage because only such ribboned cars were used to take away the bride to the groom’s house after a wedding.