Punjabi Industry is full of talent and passion which is also accepted by the audience in terms of new movie and songs. Many a times we have heard that Models are turning into Singers, Singers are turning into Actors and Actors are stepping into Production. Today we are gabbing about an artist of punjabi industry who has started working as a producer who is none other than Karamjit Anmol.

Firstly he produced ‘Laavan Phere’ which was a huge hit and then after that he is working on his upcoming movie ‘Mindo Tehsildarni’ under his production which is on the shooting stage and now he has announced another punjabi movie on his social media. As everyone is trying new concepts and titles, sameway Karamjit Anmol has given his movie title ‘No Life With Wife’. Quite interesting to hear this and looking forward to know more about it as it’s poster is very impressive.

Best part of this poster is that ‘Ammy Virk’ is really impressed by it and we can say this by his comment ‘Vadhaayian bhaji πŸ€—, te bhaji distribution ? πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘ ‘ in which he is praising the poster along with doing his In House distribution promotion. Nice! He is undoubtedly very talented as he knows what to say and where to target. Well, Goodluck to him because he is doing good with this distribution company and coming back to the poster, Karamjit Anmol have also replied ‘thx vir jiwen tusi kahoge’. Lets see now what next update we will get.