Punjabi Cinema always give us various characters which usually leave impact on us whether it’s the character of lead actor, lead actress or supporting roles but what they have in common is the acting skills because at the end of the day it’s only the acting that matters. Similarly, there is one more actor which has given us his best named ‘Aman Dhaliwal’ whom we lastly saw in ‘DSP Dev’. 

Aman was lastly seen in DSP Dev in which he has played the character of Dev’s friend although he had negative character but people have appreciated his skills and liked that character as well. Talking about this actor, he is an international model-turned-actor, who works in punjabi cinema, where he is known as action hero. He is best known for his changing looks with each role and he has worked in Bollywood, Pollywood and Tamil films too including hindi films ‘Big brother’, Coffee House, Jodha Akbar and many more. People have appreciated his acting skills and he left his impact on people with his capabilities. If we talk about his best performance then we can say that he has marked his presence in television industry through the T.V serial ‘Porus’ and in this show too he has played the negative one in fact he has proved his versatility through his looks in the show. 

But here the question arises that why he usually takes gap in the films because before DSP Dev his last punjabi film was in 2016 named ‘Saka’ maybe because he believes in quality rather than quantity but in conversation with DAAH Films he has mentioned that he will soon be seen in various films as he will also be seen in Yuvraj Hans starrer film ‘Ishq Khumaari’. Morever, he will also be seen in a Hollywood project too. We hope to see his excellent performances in future too. We wish this young talented actor the very best for his upcoming projects.