There is a trend that punjabi singers are turning into actors nowadays and sometimes they leave us astonished with their work but also some times they leave us disappointed. Similarly, there is one more singer named ‘Akhil’ who is all set to take his first step towards acting world. 

Yes! Cute singer Akhil who has given us various hit songs like Khaab, Teri Khamiyaan, Karde Haan, Gaani and many more hit songs now will be seen in a film ‘Teri Meri Gall Ban Gayi’ who will be directed by Pretty Sapru who herself is a big name of punjabi film industry. She has given us various hit films as actor and now she will be directing film in Pollywood. What we have to see now is how this combination of both Preeti and Akhil will live upto the expectations of people. 

Furthermore, we have seen glimpse of Akhil’s acting skills through videos of his songs but videos are just only a mere medium of showing acting capabilities.  People have appreciated his songs but here the question arises that, will they accept his film too? This can only be answered after the release of the film. Moreover, Rubina Bajwa will be seen in the lead role opposite Akhil and we have recently saw her in the film ‘Munda Hi Chahida’. Let’s see what this new Jodi of Pollywood will give us!