Well known Artist who always believe in doing something different, are in the discussion for another reason. The Ahen, together with their band mate Inder Dhaliwal, played a guitar in the air, paragliding more than 2500 feet above the ground.

He claims that for the first time in the world, such a brave act has been performed by someone who has played a guitar at such a high altitude. Ahen wore a shirt without flying this paraglide, keeping in mind his new song, ‘Rabb Da Banda-2’ (Sab Nange Hai). After successfully completing their flight, Ahen and Inder are excited and hopeful of setting their world record. Inder Dhaliwal supported as a paraglide pilot with no wind. For about 20 to 25 minutes, non-existent winds continued to play guitar without paragliding at altitudes greater than 2500 feet. This paraglide tour was conducted with the full security arrangements under the supervision of Bhupinder Singh from ‘Sikh Flying’ in collaboration with Bunty Bains Productions. Ahen Vani Vatish states that their purpose in doing so is to inspire other people so that they too can dare to do something different in life.

Secondly, they wanted to promote their new song, ‘Rabb Da Banda-2’ (Sab Nange Hai) in a different way. Keeping this in mind, they wore this paraglide walk without a shirt. The song ‘Rabb Da Banda-2’ is shot in different parts of India, which will be released soon. Ahen Vani Vatish is such a Punjabi fanatic who has always sung the line. Within a short time millions of fans have been made his songs by ‘Lallaar Ve’, ‘Kaleere’, ‘Baable Di Pagg’, ‘Rabb Da Banda’, ‘Eh Geet Da Koi Naam Nahi’. When it comes to song lyrics or filming, they always believe in doing something different. They believe that it is not necessary for the songs to be hit by violence only. We can also hit the song a bit differently. And yes, Don’t forget to see his different one.