Punjabi cinema is fully packed with movies  and one after another movies are getting released. Similarly, one more film is going to release on June 14 named ‘Munda Faridkotia’ and one new and romantic song of this film titled ‘Sun Layi’ got released in the voice of Roshan Prince & ‘Shipra Goyal’. 

This song is literally depicting us the chemistry between Roshan Prince & Sharan Kaur as this song is shot in a very beautiful location and they both are looking adorable with each other. They are complementing each other with their expressions as well as looks. 

Furthermore, voices of Shipra Goyal & Roshan Prince are doing justice to this song as their voice are so peaceful and calm and everybody wants to listen them. Moreover, this song is penned by Joggi Raikoti and music to this song is given by Jaggi Singh. What we have to see now is, how this pair will entertain us and will make us feel love on June 14.