In 2019, There are many punjabi movies which are going to face a clash as the release dates of some movies are same. From all of them, if we talk about the forthcoming movie ‘Blackia’ and ‘Dil Diyan Gallan’. Both are going to release on 3rd May, 2019 and audience is geared up for both of them actually. Bur if we go in depth of these two movies, then one is going to deliver a beautiful love story and other is full of actions.

Blackia starring Dev Kharoud & Ihana Dhillon is a movie which will talk about the smuggling world where happens many wrong things but this Blackia will show another face of the same. Trailer of the movie tells that this movie is full of Actions, Suspense and Thrill but wrapped around a story of love. Dev Kharoud with his looks and personality have already set another level. It seems like Pollywood is going to get his own ‘Angry Young Man’. The actions of the movie is set by K.Ganesh, who is very famous action director of South movies.

On the other hand, there is Dil Diyan Gallan starring Parmish Verma & Wamiqa Gabbi. This one is a love story with will deliver different kind of emotions and this we can witness from the Teaser of the movie. Punjabi Cinema is trying new experiments and people are accepting it also. But can we differ in the taste of audience? I guess its tough because on one side it’s Dev Kharoud who is known for actions having great amount of fan following from the rural areas and on other one, it’s Parmish Verma who is best known for his unique style which targets the urban people.

Public very wisely choose the movies to watch as they have to give a amount in return of that. They do demand full package of cinema and we can say this that Blackia is going to be one like this. Now the option only remains with the audience, do they want love stories or different kind of cinema. Both movies ahev their own subject and concept but lets see which will do better & how?