The team of Daah Films went out to ask the people of Chandigarh if they remembered aate di chidi or not. To our surprise, a lot of people, mostly of the elder generation, knew about it and were very much happy to make an aate di chidi of their own.

A wonderful surprise was a very young adorable kid who said that he loves to play with aate di chidi but sadly, cannot make it perfectly. More such kids and more parents like his’ should be there who do not hesitate in telling their children of the past times and of the traditions and cultures that held a lot of importance in the earlier times.

The elder generation also realised how kids in villages too are forgetting their roots and are drifting away from their essential Punjabi culture. They also agreed to the fact that Punjabi cinema is making efforts to make films that take us back to our roots in a way that also entertains us.

Neeru Bajwa and Amrit Maan starrer Aate di Chidi is releasing on October 19.