Aah Ki Hoya..? We are not asking this, it is a situation happened between Harish Verma, Roopi Gill and Rubina Bajwa from ‘Laiye Je Yaarian’. Let us make it more transparent to you that ‘Aah Ki Hoya’ is a new track released from upcoming film ‘Laiye Je Yaarian’ which is presented by Rhythm Boyz Entertainment.

This song is making the storyline of film more clear after the trailer as it has given an idea that there is a love triangle of Harish, Roopi and Rubina but now this song is assuring that something is cooking between them. Correct! Audience is going to witness a love triangle between these three and what we have gathered is ‘Roopi and Rubina are attracted to Harish but his choice is not specified’. Lets see how these things will be portrayed through the film.

It is very relaxing that this time Rhythm Boyz Entertainment is revealing the content of their upcoming project. They have one more production house joined with them now which is ‘Papilio Media’ for ‘Laiye Je Yaarian’. Film is starring Amrinder Gill, Harish Verma, Roopi Gill, Rubina Bajwa and many more Pollywood artists which is going to be a surprise. This film is going to release on 5th June, 2019 in India and on 7th June, 2019 overseas.