The year has been livened with Punjabi films. Newer projects, fresh faces, ever emerging singers tuning to actors, actors turning to directors, and directors turning to producers. It seems like Punjabi film fraternity is either over-excited to they are not satisfied.

To clearly mention it, it is a matter of great pride to see Punjabi cinema developing at such a fast pace and it everyone involved in the creation of a film must always strive to make their effort worth the watch of every person and to create something that lasts, that does not get lost in the crowd.

But right now, everyone is in a race to announce more and more films these days. To lead this trend is Humble Motion Pictures that has announced not one, not two, but a total of 8 movies to be releasing in the next two years. Mar Gaye Oye Loko, one of the first films lined up according to the list has already been released. The rest seven have been titled Manje Bistre 2, Chak de Fattae 2, Zindabad Yaariyan, Carry on Jatta 3, MAA, Veera, and Apna Punjab Howe.

This trend spread like a wildfire and has even exceeded to the extent of sharing the release dates of films, but not the titles of the film. It was not awhile ago that Amrinder Gill shared on his social media news about three movies to be produced under his production house Rhythm Boyz Entertainment. And now, Tarsem Jassar has announced two movies to be releasing next year under his label Vehli Janta Films. Of the three movies Gill shared information about, one still doesn’t have a title and same is the case with Tarsem Jassar!

In the same caravan is the production house Dreamreality Movies who have announced two movies titled Sarabha and Kaka G for release in 2019.

This year has been quite a huge success for Pollywood with Carry on Jatta 2 smashing all the previous set records and becoming the highest grossing Punjabi movie of all time, grossing over 62 crores. And since then, the fever of gaining success has engulfed everyone, from the actors to the film makers to the singers as well.

In another news, writer Naresh Kathooria announced the threequel to the Punjabi comedy film Mr. and Mrs. 420. Without any exaggeration, this is indeed a lot to take in. On the other hand, writer and director Simerjit Singh is turning towards production with his banner Simerjit Singh Productions that will be producing Kulwinder Billa starrer Television.

A number of singers like Jordan Sandhu, Kulwinder Billa, Rajvir Jawanda, and Gagan Kokri have turned to actors and even established singer like Amrit Maan bagged a big film titled Aate di Chidi alongside Neeru Bajwa, and another film titled Do Dooni Panj.

Singer turned actor Roshan Prince has Ranjha Refugee’ releasing on October 26, and he has shared a news about two other movies titled Munda Faridkotia and Nanka Mel too. The sequel to his last film Laavan Phere was announced a day after the release of the first part and Laavan Phere 2 will be releasing in January, 2019. It seems like too many stories have suddenly emerged in the heads of the writers and the film-makers want to leave no stone unturned to bring these stories on the silver screen.

Another change that is becoming evident with the first looks of the films being released is the shift of Punjabi cinema from contemporary comedy dramas to period films. A number of films like Parahuna, Nanka Mel, Car Reebna Wali, Muklawa are all going to revolve around punjabi traditions and customs, that are not known by the present generation.

In the past, a lot many times it has happened that the makers of Punjabi films were not able to fulfil the promises they had made to the audience. For instance, trailer of  Amrinder Gill starrer Ashke was released a day before the release of the movie. Added to that was the fact that the print of the movie could not be delivered to PVR cinemas which further delayed the screening. On the same lines, the trailer of the film Subedar Joginder Singh was postponed many times before it actually released the audience, owing to technical difficulties and other such reasons that created a hindrance in the launch of the trailer.

To suffice it all, it is indeed great that the growth of Punjabi cinema is happening at such a rapid pace but will the films be able to do justice to the expectations of the audience? If the competition is with Bollywood, is it going in the right direction?

The focus right now seems to be more on the quantity. The hype that actors create these days, with sharing the details about the film way before they have even been given a title, should they not focus on their present projects, the ones that are in hand, rather than running the race of who has more films!