Finally! The wait is over to watch Ammy Virk & Sonam Bajwa together or we can say that it is more increased. Confused? Let us make it clear that Trailer of upcoming movie ‘Muklawa’ is out and it is raising the excitement to watch full movie. White Hill Studios presented and Simerjit Singh’s directed this movie carries a very simple but unique concept as it is very fresh for the youth.

Trailer starts with a scene where Ammy is kicked out of a car because he cannot go with his wife. This is a ritual of old times when somebody is married but cannot take his wife along because his wife will come after 1 or 2 years, this is called Muklawa. The story of this movie will revolve around the same and give definitely give something new to the audience. The best part of the trailer is that it is a sweet blend of Comedy, Love, Romance and Reviving of Punjab’s Culture. Ammy Virk is seen in his own Desi Style which is loved by the audience but this time ‘Desi Jatt’ is in confusion as he doesn’t know what is happening to him.

Unconsiously, he has done a mistake which effected the relations but he is very wise and all ready to fix everything.Lets see now how he will take his Muklawa and what people will take along through this one. Sonam Bajwa is looking very beautiful in the trailer and also Drishti Grewal is seen in it. Muklawa is all se to hit the theatre screens on 24th May, 2019.