Afsar, the word in itself commands respect and a movie by the same name releasing tomorrow, we are sure of a few factors that will act as a catalyst in making this film a hit. Here, we have compiled five reasons as to why we think Afsar will be worth watching:

1. Jass Grewal

The writer of critically and commercially successful movies like Daana Paani and Rabb da Radio, Jass Grewal has come out as one of the most promising and well-read writers of Punjabi cinema. With stories that are so well-knit, and that which leave the audience wanting to know who has written such a story, Jass Grewal is clearly one reason Afsar should be a must watch. With writers like Jass comes a huge amount of credibility attached. With writers like Jass, the value of punjabi cinema increases and as such, writers like him must be encouraged so that we get to see more of such kind of cinema.

2. Tarsem Jassar and Nimrat Khaira

Beginning his career with music, Tarsem Jassar ventured in movies and he has been loved for both. On the other hand, Nimrat Khaira’s voice has given her many a lovers. And making a debut in the role of a lead actress, Nimrat is surely one reason for everyone to watch Afsar. The duo of Tarsem and Nimrat is coming together on the silver screen for the first time now. It is very seldom that a Pollywood jodi is remembered for its love and chemistry. And we know not of many jodis who have managed to stay with us long after the film gets over. But the three love songs that have been released from this film are indeed a magnet to call us to the theatres. From the innocent looking Harman madam asking this Kanugo of ours in such a sweet voice, Ki tusi Patwari nahi lag sakde?, she definitely takes away our heart. And to see this newly paired jodi come together on-screen is a reason to watch for.

3. Music

Then comes the wonderful music, sung by artists as diverse as Karamjit Anmol to Gurnam Bhullar, Tarsem Jassar himself, and Nimrat Khaira. From the title track of the film, to all the love songs, the music is amazing. As much as their chemistry is being seen in songs like ‘Ishq Jeha Hogya’, and ‘Sun Sohneya’, ‘Kheen Khaab’, to watch that on the theatre screen will be a pleasure. The emphasis that has been given to the music of this film, we are sure the background score also has been given equal importance.

4. The veteran actors

Well, it is an established fact by now that the role of supporting cast in a punjabi film is a huge factor in making it a success. In Afsar too, we get to see a host of super-talented veteran actors who have always been applauded for their acting. From Gurpreet Ghuggi to Karamjit Anmol, and Rana Jung Bahadur, we are sure, this team of actors will add to the glory of this film. Despite the fact that Ghuggi and Anmol are seen in almost every film, the kind of diversity they tend to bring with their roles is simply beyond words. Their demand over the years has increased and that is a proof of their acting and also their popularity. When these two are in film, they are in themselves enough to drive a story.

5. The message

So finally someone will clear our doubts about a Kanugo and a Patwari. We are sure a number of young people did not even know of an officer titled Kanugo before. Because, obviously, our mindsets are driven by the society and society acclaims a Patwari higher than a Kanugo. Corruption takes its hold in almost all the arenas of our system and here as well where a Patwari tends to gather wealth from bribes and other such means. So in quite a satirical way, this film is seeming to be portraying the mentality of people, and also how our sarkari system works.

Punjabi cinema is growing tremendously, everyone knows that. But, only once in awhile do we get to have movies inspired from little nuances and social issues of life. Afsar, we believe is one such movie and it must be given a watch because from the trailer as well as the songs, from the story and the actors, everything about this film is looking promising.