Various movies are all set to hit the silver screens and sometimes people get confuse whether to go for a movie or not. Similarly, Nadhoo Khan is releasing tomorrow and we are here to help you with all your doubts for this movie because we’re here with five reasons to watch this film :

1.This movie is a mixture of Comedy, Romance and Sports along with Family Values. In pollywood, the movies are being made on comedy or romance or any other element but very few movies are made on together all these aspects. Nadhoo Khan will depict us romance of Harish Verma & Wamiqa Gabbi, Comedy of artists like Baninder Bunny & BN Sharma, wrestling of Harish Verma and many more.

2.This movie will show us the journey of a simple young man turning into a wrestler in order to save the respect of his family. How a simple man will fight for his family and respect, will surely be a reason to watch this film.

3. This movie has commendable music and songs which literally attracts the viewers and one can watch this film for music too. Songs like Multan, Sharbati Ankhiyan & Dil Diya Gallan are highly appreciated by audience and people were excited for this movie after listening to those songs.

4. We have always listen to the phrase ‘Aaya Vadda Nadhoo Khan’ but we don’t really know the meaning of this and even we don’t know who exactly was the Nadhoo Khan and this film will tell you the story behind this. How? We have to go to theatres in order to know that.

5. After watching the trailer and teaser of the film, cinematography and colours of the film seems to be so appealing that one cannot take eyes off from them and we can say that debutant director Imran Sheikh has worked so hard for this movie and even in the press conference, team said that we’re not afraid of Avengers because we have faith in our product.

We hope that these points have helped you in order to make your decision for this movie, If you are a viewer of good content then this movie will surely be for you! Nadhoo Khan is releasing tomorrow so don’t forget to grab your tickets and go and watch this film with your family and friends on 26th April’19.