Punjabi Cinema is giving movies one after another and people cannot judge which movie to watch and which to not but we are here to tell you some interesting facts about the upcoming film ‘Muklawa’ and we hope that these reasons will surely help you to make your mind for this movie.

Here are some reasons to watch this films :

1 – This film will bind us with the our culture & tradition : This movie will depict us the wedding ritual named ‘Muklawa’ of our culture as people might have heard about this ritual but they don’t actually know this in detail so this movie is based on this only. This movie helps us to know various things regarding our culture and traditions in an entertaining way so we really think that people should watch this movie for our customs.

2 – Muklawa has Pollywood’s Best Entertainers : This movie has almost every entertainer of our punjabi cinema like Gurpreet Ghuggi, Karamjit Anmol, BN Sharma, Nirmal Rishi and many more who are not only renowned for their comedy but also for their acting skills. They have entertain us in every way in their previous film and watching them all in a single film will be a treat for viewers. By this, we can say that this movie would surely be an entertaining film.

3 – Sizzling Chemistry of Ammy & Sonam : There is one of the most important reason to watch this film is the chemistry of Ammy Virk & Sonam Bajwa. We all know that people are almost crazy about this couple because they have got a lot of appreciation in both parts of the film ‘Nikka Jaildar’. This pair has proved their compatibility towards each other in the trailer and songs of Muklawa and they are looking adorable. Furthermore, Sonam is looking gorgeous in simple attire as well as in promotional song of Muklawa. Ammy and Sonam are looking made for each other and this cute onscreen pair is literally making difficult for us to wait for this movie.

4 – Pleasant Music : There is one more aspect which plays really important role in making film more worthy and that is Music. Music of this film is really good. Yes! people almost went crazy about the songs of Muklawa because every other person was making snapchat story on these songs including Sargun Mehta. She has uploaded a instagram story on the song Kaala Suit. After listening to the music of this film people couldn’t control their patience to watch this film.

5 – Direction : Film can only be successful when it could be directed in a right way and director of this films Simerjit Singh has given various hit films like Nikka Jaildar 1 & 2, Angrez and many more and we really hope that this films will also be good or in fact better than the previous ones. Moreover, we can say if film is directed in the well manner so it imprints everyone’s heart for sure. Good direction and Good director is also the reason to watch this film.

In addition, these are the main reason to watch this film and we hope that these will help you for sure in making mind for this film.