There are very few artists who utilise their stardom in a good way because every artists are focussing on their career and contents which are preffered by the audience. Similarly, one song is released which is exactly focusing on the reality of the society. Yes! Karan Aujla has released a song titled Facts, which is exactly the facts of the society.

Karan Aujla knows how to entertain his fans but he also knows how to deliver a best content to them as the whole song is focussing on the things which are happening in the society. In fact, starting of the song depicting us one of the severe problem of girl ‘Plastic Surgery’ as every second girl is not happy with their faces and body, so they always try to enhance their beauty with plastic surgeries. He also mention that ‘Paise ne paate, yaraan ch fikk ne’ and somewhat it is right because money has ruined almost every relationship. He even told his story while saying ‘Baapu te Bebe di kadar na rahi, ode to pucho ki Baapu ki hunda ae jidi na Baapu na mother na rahi’ as we know that he lost his parents when he was so young and in the age of 21, he managed to do everything alone and look at his fan following now. 

Furthermore, He mentioned every fact which is literally happening in our surrounding and while talking about the lyrics, these lyrics are relatable as we can say that every line has a deep meaning. Facts are penned by Karan Aujla himself and music to the song is given by none other than Deep Jandu, song is released under the banner of Rehaan Records. We hope that this young artist Karan Aujla will give us more such songs like this in future.