Speed Records, Binnu Dhillon Production and Omjee Stars has presented the movie ‘Zakhmi’ under their banner today which has a story of a common man. The story has the king of action Dev Khraud in it but the direction of Inderpal Singh has dropped the effectiveness of Dev as he failed to take work from him.

Aanchal Singh is seen in the character of mother, Teju Popli as daughter of Dev Kharoud in the movie. Dev is the man who raises the voice against evil activities and wrong doings but due to his family he changed himself and start living his life as a common man. Still because of some political leaders he has to get back to his old behavior to protect his family.

The story of a common man is very nice and is touched to many hearts but because of poor narration, screenplay and direction it is failed to make a place in hearts.

Talking about acting, Dev khroud is seen doing his work perfectly irrespective of romance scene, he is still struggling with them. Aanchal Singh is average in her work, more experienced actress is required for this scene. Teju Popli’s character is of a 4-5 year girl but she seems older in age also her acting was not natural. Rest all other supporting artist are average in their acting.

The film has many positive points but the main one is Dev’s acting in action scenes which is amazing . Also, this kind of story is difficult to carry on cinema and they did it well. Further talking about negative points then those are also action scenes as the background music and audio effects behind the action scenes has dropped the effect of those scenes. Even dev has tried something new with his action scenes but due to technical error it hasn’t presented well. For this he must sync with the technician because this will decreases his screen value. Moreover, this film is of a family man so more concern would be thrown on family bonding and family emotion scenes irrespective of Dev’s college life. Due to all these reasons the first half of the movie is slow but the second half has Dev’s action which makes your ticket worth. If they have worked more on the technical parts then this movie will be something different and more effective.

Also, screenplay and direction is poor. For example in a scene they tried artificial rain to give extra effects but they hadn’t used that properly as the persons in the background are with umbrellas but the floor is not wet. Similarly they had tried many new things in the movie which gives you reason to watch this movie.

DAAH Films gives 2.5 stars.