This Industry is not too big and informations are passed from way to another very easily. Sameway, we have one which will leave you amazed. Let us clear this suspense by telling you that we are gabbing about ‘Isha Rikhi’ who have shared something during an Interview with DAAH Films. She told that one day during the promotions of punjabi film ‘Jatt Boys’, they were not getting any room in Hotel Ramada. So, they shifted to a new unknown Hotel where there was no windows in the room.

Later, when she just managed herself in that place. Suddenly, she felt like something is not fine and someone else in present in room other than her but with time she just relaxed herself by thinking that she is all alone and nobody else is there. Then again after some time she strongly felt like that somebody is there who just laid along with her on the bed. Woah! Who was that person she doesn’t revealed but this is quite shocking that who was he? You all must be thinking the same… that what was actually going on in this scenario. Isha Rikhi was very scared because of all these things which happened but with full confidence and courage she got up and found the light switches, then she switched on the room lights and played Gurbani on her Television. As she realised that it was a false believe and nothing is there. this do happens with eveyone when we think negative and do believe in superstitions. Now to get rid of all these things one film is made of which Isha Rikhi is a part.

Now let us clear the whole matter that it was just an energy which she felt very strongly and this thing she have shared with us during the location shoot of film ‘Boooo.. Main Dargi’. As this title suggests this film is a horror comedy in which Isha is playing a lead role opposite to Roshan Prince. Definitely! You all must be thinking about something serious but relax yourself there is nothing like that because the concept of the film is like that about which DAAH Films team asked a question to Isha Rikhi that ‘Share an incident which happened to her related to superstitions and horrifying things’. In return of this question she tole us all this matter. Now ready to witness a different kind of cinema through ‘Booo Main Dargi…’