Talking about 1947, people always talk about the partition but what people don’t talk about is the simplicity of that period, whether the simplicity in the relationships, or friendships. People at that time were solely into each other. Similarly, one such period movie is coming named ‘Yaara Ve’ and recently, the title track of this movie has released and first reaction after listening to the track is ‘What a soothing song’!

What is said to be Title track? Title track is that song of the movie which exactly portray the meaning and story of that film in every way and uniformly title track of ‘Yaara Ve’ is carrying elements of the movie in every possible way. This title track is sung by ‘Firoz Khan & Gurmeet Singh’ and penned by ‘Happy Raikoti’. Talking about the audio of the track, we can say that music is so soft and song is sung in a very soothing manner that it is giving pleasure to the ears. Moreover, lyrics of the song are totally relatable and we can easily dedicate them to our friends. After listening to this song, we can say that music at the time of 1947 was much appreciable and soft.

Furthermore, video of this song illustrates us the deep friendship of all the three actors Gagan Kokri (Buta) ,Yuvraj Hans (Neja) , Raghveer Boli (Krishna) in a very presentable way. Visual representation of this song is so appealing and this song is perfectly depicting us the background of 1947 period but we haven’t seen Monica Gill in the whole title track, now we have to see how Monica will be doing in the movie because after watching the trailer fans want to see Monica Gill more. After listening to the title track we can say that expectations from this movie has highly raised.