‘Yaara Ve’ is period drama film, which is based on true stories of the partition era. The film will be a journey of past, time deprived of technology only there were relations and emotions.

The movie is perfect combination of simplicity, honesty but in true incidence. Our grandparent told us the real scenario of partition. Undoubtedly, people had tears of blood during that time and ‘Yaara Ve’ will portray all those elements, which actually existed in partition. Pain, Sadness, suffering but not only these the older time which was filled with purity of relations, innocence, emotions and brotherhood. There are all flavors with the ting of hilariousness.

Director ‘Rakesh Mehta’ exclusively told us that ‘Yaara Ve’ is story of his Grandparents who actually suffered and told him the true story of their living and how they got migrated to their country. Their true story always touched his heart and he always wished to canvas it on screen, and this time he not only did it but also came out in shining colors.

Rakesh Mehta’s upcoming directorial project ‘Yaara Ve’ is more than a commercial cinema. It is an attempt to picture the real pain of people; they not showcased love before partition but also the ugly face of it.  We will see Gagan Kokri, Yuvraj Hans, Monica Gill and Raghveer Boli in lead roles. ‘Yaara Ve’ is scheduled for release on 5th April 2019.