When we sound word wow! It means something is extraordinary. A high budgeted movie when has a lead actor like ’Dev Kharoud’ it is like icing on cake. But sorry this time, this cake before going in tummy falls down and spoils icing. We are talking about the teaser of ‘Kaka Ji’

From long list of Kharoud’s one of his movie trailer is released. Dream Reality Movies and Ravneet Chahal presented movie ‘Kaka Ji’. Undoubtedly, glimpse of high standard are seen. Dakuaan Da Munda Dev has now become the ‘Kaka Ji’of Royal Sardars one can witness his anger and actions in the starting of movie also but in humored way because this time Kharoud tough body language has tadka of comedy. May be this is the special reason why ‘Aarushi Sharma’ got attracted towards him. Moreover Dev also falls in soulful love with her. Alas! Her family finds their love. Here the story ha a twist but like same old once girl’s family hurries for Aarushi’s marriage with ‘Lucky Dhaliwal’. Where this big team catches eyes, but they couldn’t match up the expectations as more than content, commercialization is given weightage. ‘Dev Kharoud’ ‘Jagjeet Sandhu’ gave good performance even we find debut actress ‘Aarushi Sharma’ is trying to establish her but content and emotions missing which audience demands. Trailer fails to match up the height of expectations we doubt that movie may do the same with us. As ‘Kaka Ji’ is a high budgeted movie this we can also see in trailer, that big names of pollywood are there in this film Gurmeet Sajan, Ashish Duggal and Anita Meet. What ‘s bit disturbing is that when there was good budget and then with high caliber actor like ‘Dev kharoud’ the makers could have better worked on content. Now is this the reason or was a rumor that movie was sold during shoot which forced all to complete the movie rather working on content well this will be revealed on 18th January 2019 when movie will released.

Story written by ‘Gill Raunta’ is very common. Other than big star cast and team we couldn’t find any wow factor, which attracted us. When we talk of big shots like Mandeep Benipal, Dev Kharoud, Jagjeet Sandhu and Dheeraj kumar then it is quiet obvious that for expectations sky is the limit. Now on 18th lets see what the movie does.