The Punjabi film and music industry walked hands in hands. We have seen, many times that those faces that entered as singers ultimately step into the film industry as lead faces. But our romantic Punjabi boy Harish Verma has actually walked against the tide!

 He made his debut as a singer in 2016 and he paced his singing outcome with two tracks this year. Seven moths back he came up with his track ‘Judaayi’ and now his new track ‘Chehre’ is again a different one. All his videos are well pictured and with different concept. He made his debut with song ‘Ikk Vaari Hor Soch Lae’ which gave a strong message to all those couples who were on verge of divorce due to silly issues, no matter how much they love each other? This time also Harish gave a strong message through his song and video that if sometime god gave something less to someone but he at the same time bless him or her and makes them special. You can check yourself the video and then judge.

Beauty is our first reaction when we go through the song and video. Undoubtedly, the video touched hearts. Verma gave an excellent shot, he seemed so into the character that one could hardly make he is acting. ‘Khushi Chaudhay’ also well supported Harish and her glamour with innocent looks added more beauty in the video. The video is released under label Jass Records. Jaci Saini directs the video. Mesmerizing voice of Harish Verma did full justification. Till now as a singer all video songs of Harish Verma crossed millions will this track be also do the same?