Punjabi Cinema is growing day by day and so is the competition and where there is a competition, there is the politics too. Recently, Dev Kharoud has opened up regarding the bad politics which is going on in Punjabi Industry. In conversation with DAAH Films, he has shared regarding the politics which is happening due to the clash of 2 big films ‘Blackia’ and ‘Dil Diyan Gallan’.

Earlier, we have shared the news regarding the clash of 2 big films ‘Blackia’ and ‘Dil Diyan Gallan’ as both are releasing on 3rd May’19 and these films are doing their promotions to the fullest. Blackia is releasing under the banner of Ohri Productions and Dil Diyan Gallan is releasing under the banner of ‘Speed Records’ & ‘Pitaara Talkies’ and it is doing a lot of promotion of their film but here is a thing that Dev told us about as he said ‘There are few channels who are not even airing the conent of Blackia like Trailer and songs of the film in order to promote Dil Diyan Gallan’. Yes! You heard right. Dev mentioned that ‘There should be a healthy competition in punjabi industry, in order to promote other films don’t restrict our content or may be those people are afraid of Blackia. He also mentioned that everyone should promote the films so that people watch them and industry can grow more.’ To whom Dev is targeting? It is not specified but through his words we can guess that may be he is indirectly talking about Pitaara Talkies which is a sister concern of Pitaara TV and ‘Dil Diyan Gallan’ is under their home production.

He’s right, isn’t it? Promoting your own home production movie is justified but restricting the promotion of other’s movie, it is surely a bad tactic and one should not attempt that. Television Channels are the means of awareness and from them people get to know about the upcoming pictures and projects and restricting the advertisement of one picture in order to promote their picture is not at all justified and good or may be the content of ‘Blackia’ is too strong to handle by some channels as it seems that they are afraid of Blackia. Dev Kharoud is literally bothered about this thing and we can see that. We hope that this channel would do something regarding this, so that our Pollywood Industry can grow more because one picture or other, it is our industry which is growing.