It is common to see crescendos change between co-stars after a while in this glamour world. Recently, the same bad thing is observed between two amazing co-stars we mean Kavita Kaushik and Binnu Dhillon. Recent anti Binnu statement given by lady shocked all.

After ‘Vekh Baraatan Challiyan’ the jodi was really liked and then after the couple was much appreciated in ‘Vadhaiyaan Ji Vadhiyaan’. But currently, Kavita amazed everyone with her statement, she quoted “It’s a very conscious decision for me that I would work with anyone else, but I am done with doing movies with Binnu Dhillon,”

She further said, “Binnu is very talented and has got his own style; he is amazing when it comes to comedy. However, no matter who the heroine is, all that matters in his movie is Binnu himself. The script is written according to Binnu, he performs the deepest role and nothing is written for the heroine, she is just eye candy. I personally believe that people go to see Binnu in a Binnu’s film, and I don’t want to get lost in the same. I want to show the audience what I am capable of. For me personally it is very embarrassing to just look good and dance, a kudi can be a lot more than just a pretty face, she can be brainy, and she can do comedy. “

Whereas after Kavita’s statement Binnu Dhillon shared his point of view by saying, “Kavita is a very dear friend. We have shared screen in two movies and the audience loved us together. She must have meant something else when she said this. She has been very supportive and I don’t think there are any sour terms between us.”

The real scenario is yet uncertain, is this the end or will something else will be in talks again? Yeah, this on screen jodi rocks so, we really wish that soon all issues are cleared and audience get a chance to see the magic of this Jodi again.