Watch DAAH Films exculsive interview with Satinder Satti


“Raah vich sath chad jaan valeyon te sath turan da mere haunsala na karna…

Mai sair karni hai duniya dosta, himatt na hove ta mera hath na phadna…

Mai mumtaz nahi ki meri yaad ch hanju bahaye jaan, aam jahi insaan han te aam jahe hai marna…

Marn picho mere muh nu beparda na krna, rona na saddi mazar te kadi v aa ke te sadiya, Yadaan da palan na farna…

Asi mitti ret de ghra ch rahan vale almast jahe log haan, sadde ghar ch vasan da hausla na krna…

Asi majbut han jigar vangu, thidak de han kanch vangu, lok han kuch awale sannu samjhan di kade bhul na karna…”

Mesmerized? These are the lines from the most amazing artist you will ever know, She is a poet, an artist, anchor, actor and the most importantly- A beautiful soul!

She is Satinder Satti!

Let’s us take you to this intense ride where you will listen to the ‘Punjab Ki Shaan’ – Satinder Satti.

She is to be seen in her latest movie releasing this Friday. Raduaa, is the first science fiction ever in the Punjabi industry, directed by famous actor, model Nav Bajwa.

The artist shares her thoughts and mindsets of a happy life. An anchor turned actor, Satti is known for her work in not on Punjab but in the whole world.

She shares how contented she feel when people recognize her so well! She tells DAAH Films that she is encouraged with the passion and dedication of the young generation for art and music. But, she still hopes to see the young generation more connected to Punjabi culture, ideologies and phenomenons.

The movie, Raduaa, is developed with a seed of powerful imaginations. The story is based on the 2 different eras, one is 2018 & another is 1955. Nav Bajwa, Satinder Satti, Gurpreet Ghuggi and BN Sharma plays the role of time travelers, who by mistake traveled back to the era of 1955 from 2018 with the help of Radio frequency, and they name the device as ‘Raduaa’.

Apart from being a science fiction, the movie will be full of humour and comedy.

The movie is releasing this Friday.