Dream big as it explains your aspirations that reflects a human’s wants and desires in life .Also, make sure that Keep your dreams alive because it is discovered that dreams come in all shapes and sizes but their fulfilment can be expected at any stage of life and through various means. Similarly punjabi artist has dreamt of many wishes in their lives like Sara Gurpal lived her dream of her Audi car and now recently another artist of Punjabi industry Wamiqa Gabbi has fulfilled her dream of ‘African Jungle Safari’.

Wamiqa Gabbi has shared a post that explains that how much awaited dream of her come true as she shared numerous post about it with Caption “ Masai Mara, Kenya, Africa, Day One ☝🏼 So finally my dream came true when I went on the most awaited African Jungle Safari this August.” 

In addition to this she even shared a video in which she looks like a small little child who is very curious and excited for her trip. She shared the video with a caption “ Day One ☝🏼, Masai Mara Jungle Safari, Kenya, Africa. I don’t believe in preaching about something that I don’t practice in my own life.So that’s why I just wanna tell all of you that I’m the kind of person who would be trying to understand life all my life. I don’t wanna be a preacher of any kind. Music courtesy: @thedoband @olivia.merilahti

Thus it was said that dreams are necessary because without dreams there will be no ambition to chase and there will be no goal to reach. So always dream so that you can do efforts to live that dream.