Uda Aida is released in cinemas today and we must say ‘What A concept’! This movie starring Tarsem Jassar and Neeru Bajwa under the production of Rrupali Gupta, Deepak Gupta, Naresh Kathooria and Ksshitij Chaudhary; who himself directed the movie too.

After seeing the trailer, we’ve heard that the concept of this movie will be as similar as the bollywood movie ‘Hindi Medium’ but this movie is far different from that. Though both the movies are based on education system but have different story line. If we talk about the movie then we can say that this movie revolves around the love towards our ‘Maa Boli Punjabi’ and ‘Importance of English’ in everyone’s eye. From this movie, we got to know about a fact that according to UNESCO report our mother tongue punjabi will get extinct in next 50 years and this is reason why every punjabi parent wants their children to learn English and even making their children distant from punjabi. In the whole movie we have seen the parental love and concern towards their child as they try to give every happiness at the cost of anything and in return children give them nothing but disappointment by saying ,“Daddy tu mainu chadan na aya Kar school, mainu tere naal aun te sang aundi ae”.

After listening to the fluent English of the English medium school’s children, Neeru Bajwa wanted her child to admit in town’s English Medium School so that he could become a high rank officer but they faced a lot of problems in the process of his admission. These problems give us nothing but laugh and giggles. Coming towards the acting part, Neeru Bajwa has performed her part really well but Tarsem Jassar over-shined in his role and acting. Kid stars in this movie were literally the soul of the movie because we seen Tarsem and Neeru’s kid Ansh Tejpal’s innocence and on the other hand we have seen Sameep Singh Ranaut in the role of Aman’s cousin and he did his comic part really well. Guggi, BN Sharma, Karamjit Anmol and other cast also did their best and possible.

Coming towards the technical aspects, Director did a really great job by portraying each and every character in every possible manner and if we talk about the dialogues then we must say that some dialogues left us in deep thinking. 

Overall, this film will give you stomach ache giggles while giving you a good universal message as this movie will make you laugh and cry too at the same time and we suggest you all to go and watch the movie if you really want a good concept and message. DAAH Films will give 4.5 stars to Uda Aida.