Pollywood industry is growing with time and giving us various different movies of different concepts and recently Friday Russh Motion Pictures has given us a good concept movie ‘Uda Aida’ starring Neeru Bajwa & Tarsem Jassar under the direction of Ksshitij Chaudhary.

Uda Aida movie’s concept was misunderstood by people after watching the trailer but after watching the whole movie the concept got clear and the plot of the movie is that, it is important to learn different languages but along with that we should not forget our ma boli ‘Punjabi’. Recently we came across different people for the reactions and reviews about Uda Aida and we got to know their perception about the movie. The most common reaction of the people was  “Every language is important and have it’s own significance but in order to learn that language we must not forget about our mother tongue” and some people said “we punjabis will be responsible for our jeopardized mother tongue and we should take some severe steps”

If we talk about the overall movie reviews then we can say that acting of Tarsem Jassar was more preferred by people and the role of Tarsem out-shined over the role of Neeru Bajwa and people were delighted to watch the acting of kids. BN Sharma, Karamjit Anmol & Gurpreet Guggi were as usual fit in their roles. If we focus on the best part of the movie then people casted their votes to the bhangra of Tarsem Jassar & Neeru Bajwa in the song Disco. Overall this movie is a great pacakage od emotions, laughter, comedy and a universal message. DAAH Films has given 4.5 stars to Uda Aida and we suggest you all to watch this movie for good content.