Jealousy is caused by insecurity, possesiveness and fears that distance us from love, contaminate our relationships, and destroy our freedom. With this concept title track of upcoming punjabi movie Khatre Da Ghuggu is released in which Jordan and Diljott are expressing heir jealosy for the ones who are approaching their beloves.

Further talking about the song it is penned by Bunty Bains and voices to his lyrics are given by Jordan Sandhu and Gurlez Akhtar. The voices are giving complete justce to the lyrics and connecting the audience to the movie with the basic storyline of the movie that is about alert and warnings that are alarmed before some mishappening which creates an hype. Moreover, it also serves some romantic twist that will be seen in the movie.

Apart from this good news is Khatre Da Ghuggu will hit the screens on 17th January’20. Yes, we can see family drama near your theatre in which action, drama, romance everything will be seen in just one movie and that movie is Khatre Da ghuggu. Neglecting all other distractions that other movies will serve one thing is for sure that Khatre Da Ghuggu will serve you with all the entertainment that one looks in a movie with their different concept of Supersition.