Another song titled ‘Awaaz’ from the upcoming movie Qismat has been released and it will definitely strike the strings of your hearts. The happiness of a new found love is so evident in this song that it will actually make you smile and listen to the song time and again.

The way ‘Awaaz’ has been directed is a wonderful depiction of a guy who unintentionally falls for a girl and leaves no effort to be around her, to watch her from peepholes and to smile unknowingly while talking to her. This song has all the emotions one experiences during the course of falling in love for the first time and for sure, we all relate to it because we know we have been there, we have done that, we have had those feelings! and even if we have not, we will definitely experience love with this song.

The song has been written by none other than Jaani, music is by B Praak and it has been sung by Kamal Khan. Without doubt, this team has made one of the most soulful songs, which will stay tuned to the lips of everyone for a long while.

The video of the song is in a total synchronisation with the lyrics. Every time Ammy Virk tries to get closer with Sargun, or tries to drink from her cup, and even when mistakenly spoils her painting and then asks for forgiveness, well, he makes us awww at his actions and he makes us fall in love again.

Since the first look of Qismat was revealed, Ammy and Sargun have been continuously making everyone wait so very anxiously to see them together on screen. The shots and snippets they have been posting online is surely making all the couples out there jealous.

Two another songs ‘Kaun Hoyega’ and ‘Pasand Jatt di’ were released earlier. While one of the songs might have made you cry, we are sure the second one did push you onto the dance floors and made dance to its beats!

Qismat is releasing on September 21 and we know, just like us, even you cannot control the excitement to see how the love story of Shive and Baani will unfold and how qismat de rang will play with the hues in their lives.