There is no other better way of teaching people good things through the mean of entertainment and songs. Similarly, the rap king ‘Badshah’ came up with a powerful and meaningful song ‘Grandfather’ in which he’s depicting us the teachings of his grandfather. 

This song of ‘Badshah’ is somehow different from his earlier songs because this song is full of entertainment but also meaningful. ‘Badshah’ has taken care of all the aspects through which this song can become appealing to people. This song has a significant line like ‘ Izzatt ho Jaan te pyari mitti me na rol diye, Bolan te pehla apne bolaa ne tol liye’, these lines were from his grandfather to him and we can say how strong lines they are. These lines illustrating us that there is nothing above respect and one should calculate their words before speaking in front of others. 

There are various elements which are also very attractive in the song as this song has shot in Haryana and there is no such commercial element added in the video rather the all video is itself natural and simple. Video of the song showing us various old men who’s age looks like the age of the grandfather of Badshah. He took it really simple and yet attractive. There is one line which is getting a lot of appreciation is ‘ Begani Chori kisi ki galti te na ched diye, jo irisha kare paad ke dhar diye’, after listening to those lines we really hope that one should get grandfather like this only who can teach such good thoughts to every son and grandson. 

Furthermore, this song is released under the official youtube channel of ‘Badshah’ and lyrics of this song is written by Raman Sisodia and we really hope that Badshah would give us more songs like this in future too. Haryanvi fans of Badshah must be really happy today because he has given a Haryanvi blockbuster gaana for their Haryani Fans.