And right when we thought Tarsem Jassar might change his strict and express-with-eyes avatar, he came up with another song titled ‘Khadoos’, relating to a person who is rude and not pleasingly sociable. Jassar totally the character of a Khadoos in this song.

A presentation of Vehli Janta Records and Manpreet Johal, the lyrics of this song are written by Tarsem Jassar and he has also sung and given the music composition to it.

The song depicts the story of a couple, the woman being a socially cheerful and full of life kind of person. On the other hand, her husband, portrayed by Tarsem Jassar is a Khadoos, does not respond to her affection and does no effort to make her feel special. But one fine day, he gives in to her idea of love and romance and brings her happiness. And they are shown as happily ever after!

The concept of this song resembles Jassar’s previous songs as well. For instance, in his song ‘Geet de Wargi’ too, he was seen as this angry man who does not make a show of love for his wife.

Jassar is tremendously loved for his voice and music and that has made this song trending number one on Youtube. He is also ready to entertain his fans with his upcoming film Afsar, in which he will seen alongside Nimrat Khaira which is set to release on October 5.