Intercaste marriage is a long running issue of Indian society and neither westernisation nor globalisation is helping in escaping from this issue. With this concept of into caste marriage a new movie Tara-Mira is released. The movie orients around the love story of Punjabi guy Tara and a Bihari girl Mira.

Tara Mira is presented under the banner of 751 Films, Rapa Nui’s Film, A Yadu Productions in association with Red Eyes Production where direction to the movie is given by Rajiev Dhingra who directed Firangi and Love Punjab earlier and this time he took the work to fix the marriage of Tara-Mira but no love story is complete without any Hilter and here Yograj Singh who is father of Tara played the character of Hilter. Yograj Singh want to eliminate the Bihari people from Punjab but co-incidently Tara fell in love with a Bihari Girl and now to link their relationship Gurpreet Ghuggi serves with an idea of Temporary Jatt as Yograj Singh will never allow his son to marry a Bihari Girl. Now how Tara and Mira get marry by crossing all the hurdles that happens in between them.

Talking about the StarCast Ranjit Bawa played the character of Tara who is a punjabi guy and Nazia Hussain played the character of Mira who is a Bihari girl along with them Gurpreet Ghuggi, Sudesh Lehri, Yograj Singh, Shivinder Mahal, Anita Devgan are there to add element of comedy to the movie. Further Ranjit has played well the character of unmarried person and Nazia spreads the positive energy on screen, she also justifies her presence in the movie which explains that she is fit for punjabi industry. Furthermore, Yograj Singh is loud in his acting and Sudhesh Lehri is seen under played in his acting. Gurpreet Ghuggi with his taunts to Bihari’s generated laughter. Also Anita and Shivinder are assigned with wrong characters as their personalities doesn’t fit the characters. 

The positive point of the movie is it’s fresh content and fresh pair of Ranjit-Nazia which is serving something new to punjabi cinema. Further, in some romantic scenes of Tara-Mira with a good background music and Gurpreet Ghuggi’s dialogues serves with entertainment rest there is very less to entertain. 

The biggest negative point is that the centre theme of the movie is hatred of Hitler Yograj Singh for Bihari people as he wants to eliminate them from Punjab but he has a Bihari servant in his home. Also to protest against Bihari there are Bihari’s to protest. Even a ‘Jattan ne Jattan wali’ song is unwanted in the movie as there is connection of that with the content. The weakest point of punjabi cinema is their poor climax and same happened in this movie as without any justification Yograj has self realisation which no where explains that how he realised that his attitude must change. 

Now Talking about the technical part, cinematography is good and color scheme is also nice but weak direction is witnessed which overall degrades the movie, if more concern was generated there then may be it would be a good movie.

DAAH Films has given 2.5 Stars.