Happy Valentine’s Day! But for me it’s Sufna Day because I have seen Sufna today. This movie is for the people who are in true love with each other and not for the people who tries on every other person on Valentine day.

One more thing that I would love to clear to those who are comparing it with Qismat as it is a very different movie from it because in this not only the Sufna of love is fulfilled even many other Sufna’s are filled in this movie. Like What is love? and how the power and strength of love helped to change the whole life? For this we can give credit to the director of the movie as he is successful in explaining all this beautifully. So we would suggest that Sufna is a complete package of entertainment if you watch it keeping separate from Qismat. This movie is more related to Surkhi Bindi then Qismat but the plot and screenplay is different from both.

Everytime on asking Ammy said that this movie is Tania’s movie and yes it is true because in the movie the Sufa of Tania is fulfilled as Fauji is back. This fauji is Tania’s father or Teg’s father who is missing since long or is alive or not no one knows. But Teg has this trust that he will come back and the whole story is based on this concept.

Talking about acting, expectations from Tania is very high and she stood on that expectations and explained that she can be in lead and take the responsibilities of movie on her shoulder alone. Specially Tania’s emotional scenes are very touching because her body language and expressions are perfect. This all explains well that she is perfect for this character of the movie.

Further talking about Ammy Virk he is amazing like always in desi character because his comic timing and acting is superb, he entertained well. Even Jagjeet Sandhu and Balwinder Bullet characters also entertained in between. Moreover Karamjit Anmol’s has 1-2 scenes but he left his essence in the whole movie with that scenes which defines that a proper direction and good scenes are enough and quality is what that matters not quantity.

This movie is softly driven without any masala which might be a weakness for some and will be a point of real happiness to many. Despite of all this the movie will dye you in the color of love . Even many women and girl can relate to this movie. The backdrop of cotton field has given an different background to the movie. Many small things will make you laugh in the movie and many can help you in recollecting the days of your childhood.

Besides this, Sufna’s cinematography, story and screenplay is strong as every character entertained you beautifully like usually Seema Kaushal is not seen in any movie and kept sidelined but here she is seen and played her character efficiently.

This movie belongs to Jagdeep Sidhu thus appetite for romance, emotions and tragedy is too much but somehow it is not satisfied. May be this is the backbone of the movie.For example, when Ammy start falling in love with Tania and he kept an eye on her while on the other side Tania has no idea for the same which is kept it close to reality because in real love this is what happens.

Further, the music belongs to B Praak and Jaani that gives the whole movie soulful essence. Moreover the placement of each song is perfectly apt and related beautifully.

Jagdeep hats off to the way you ended this movie with your words, it touched deeply.

DAAH Films gives 4 star to Sufna.