Punjabi cinema is getting popular nowadays for good content movies with a powerful message as we have seen various movies like this before but now trailer of one more movie titled ‘Ikko-Mikke’ is released and we can say ‘What a creative Trailer’!

Yes! Trailer of this film is really interesting as it shows wife and husband and they are none other than Aditi Sharma & Satinder Sartaaj. You must be wondering how can it be interesting? This is matter of interest actually because they explained a very beautiful message regarding ‘Expectations’ with different strategy of Soul Swapping using Cinema Liberty.

Saga Music presents this movie under their label where the basic story line is about a couple who initiated their love story from college days and got married to each other but after their marriage they had poor equation between them which ruin their marriage and they decide to part their ways and get divorce but tragedy happened and they met with an accident where their soul swapping happened an they realized the situation of the other person and concluded that expectations are what that ruin everything.

Furthermore talking about the Star Cast, Satinder Sartaaj and Aditi Sharma are Seen opposite to each other which is a fresh pair and it is second film of Sartaaj after ‘ Black Prince’. Sartaaj is famed for his content, thus expectations are high and also different from what is basic. He is seen fulfiling that by giving a beautiful message that expectations are what ends every relatiionship. On the other end. Aditi is also looking cute and innocent her expressions are promising.

Now what we have to see that how this movie will serve entertainment and message delivery at same time. Also how new pair of Sartaaj- Aditi will add their names to the list of good pairs that look good together as till now they both are looking perfect. Also, till now after peeping into the team of film and the trailer released, we can say that this film will be a complete package of drama, action and romance. Now eyes are on ’Ikko-Mikke’ which will release on 13th March, 2020.