Generally the topic of discussion in Punjabi industry where either they are Makers or Audience that enough repentance of movies oriented to comedy and marriages are served by the punjabi cinema which further again and again raises the issue that now there is a need to change this scenario. While amongst all this discussion nowadays the focus is shifted from this discussion to ‘Ardab Mutiyaran’ or Sonam Bajwa aka Babbu Bains which somewhere justifying the change as it is something different from what is served till now in Punjabi Cinema which raises the expectations from Sonam and ‘Ardab Mutiyaran’ too. But usually it is expected that all these trendings on Social media are generated by paid Campaigns which somehow degrades the trust and effect that one carries in their mind. To confirm all this DAAH Films has conducted a trailer reaction and collected the reviews from the audience on ground level which adds more impact that in reality the scenario is a way more than it is visible on social media, public is really influenced by ‘Ardab Mutiyaran’ but they are more mesmerised by Sonam Bajwa aka Babbu Bains which they explains by pouring their love by entitling her with a special title ‘Chulbul Pandey of Pollywood’.

When DAAH Film’s reporter asked a person that what you liked most in the trailer then he said that the character of Sonam Bajwa is the most influencing one as even the released song ‘Jatti Jeone Morh Wargi’ is also justifying her Dabangg character and further he added that her this Ardab Character looks like she is the ‘Chulbul Pandey’. Moreover he said that generally it will be men who performed such Dabanbaz characters but this time it’s a female. Furthermore, other people also commented on the dressing, height, dialect, dialogues which they appreciated like crazy people that explains their excitement about the movie and difficult it is becoming for them to wait till the release. 

If you Still doubt or won’t trust on written material then go and watch the cited video. Even though if you are not satisfied then wait till 18th October and yourself watch the movie in theatres near you.