Pretty much every movie and it’s production house has faced many problems which some times bought that movie to an end. Similarly, a movie named Kabootar was announced to release on 3rd April 2020 has faced the issue and doesn’t found any solution. Then laterly, a new movie Rang was announced which was said that it’s Kabootar but with different name and with some more changes but the artist, production house and director was same. But no one revealed that why not Kabootar but Rang.

Now few days back Gurnam Bhullar had shared the information that ‘Main Viyah Ni Karona Tere Naal’ under his own production house where he shared the poster and mentioned that finally he is doing work with Sonam Bajwa that clearly explains that how much struggle the artist have been through to work together.

Even it was said that the shooting for the ‘Rang’ was commenced that clearly explains that the time and money of artist and production house was wasted by the director which is not an easy to go game and when the director is none other than the National Award winner Vijay Kumar Arora aka Dadu then it is a big thing. He should had considered all the arrangements first before going on floor. Further during an interview with DAAH Films he said that “there was a subject issue, also script could be more better and they are working on it.” Further, for Kabootar from sources is revealed that the script wasn’t even prepared.

Moreover, in an interview with our journalist Sonam Bajwa the main lead in the films revealed that “I am not part of Rang. I had to exit from the film because couple of reasons.” Even from sources script was the reason for her exit from the film which explains that she hadn’t read the script before as she cancelled when the movie was on floor.

Now what it is all about and what are the reasons for the cancellation of both movies is not much clear but yes we have an idea. So we can say that the team must read script before and director must consider all arrangements so that time and money won’t be waste. Further, the fans of Gurnam and Sonam wouldn’t need to disappoint as they can see them on screens together on 4th September 2020.