Love is beautiful because it gives the best feeling when in air but it’s also true that ‘Grief is the price we pay for love’ either it is because of our beloved or because of our family. Similarly with this concept a new song of Jaddi Sardar movie is released which describes how Dilpreet Dhillon who is younger to Sippy and is life of Sippy in the movie betrays him because in the song it is seen Dilpreet will be going to marry Sawan Rupowali who is Sippy’s love in the movie.  

Talking about the song, it is entirely different because in this song hatred among the families is seen irrespective of the love that was seen in previous released content of the movie. Furthermore, voice of Kamal Khan is doing justice to this song and it is penned by Maninder Kailey where music to this song is given by Desiroutz. 

Now talking about the video, it is a marriage plot where Dilpreet is seen as groom and Sawan Rupowali as bride whereas Sippy is in grief and disheartened which is a twist from released song ’Suhe Bullan Waliye’ where Sawan And Sippy was seen as couple in love. Now what we have to see how all these twist and turns will entertain us in theatres on 6th September’19.