Sad but true, ugly but reality the two models Himanshi Khurana and Shehnaz Kaur Gill are bullying each other. Shehnaz said harsh things regarding Himanshi’s song and later on Himanshi replied by getting live on her snapchat.

Well, this was not just enough for the divas. Firstly they used social platform for their hatred and also included people of pollywood industry and blamed their characters also. Yet, the story did not end with this, after finishing this live-live games now they have gone a step ahead as something objectionable has come up for which the entire industry has to take stand. Now the duo has used music for conveying their hatred. We all agree with the fact that music is worship. Maa Saraswati is worshipped for singing but this holy work is included in this catfight. We need to respect every art and no need to include any person or profession in this but both these norms are broken by the duo.

Now the new songs by the duo are bit out of the box. The song sung by them has all objectionable elements in them. Just insulting each other, body shaming words and portraying personnel hatred. This bitterness is getting worse each day. Well, now it’s time for our industry to step in. This is the time when people need to speak about and intervene in this issue because the limits are being crossed each day.