Social media is a place which is making everyone famous now and it is also used as a medium to connect with each other. Similarly, people are getting famous day by day through social media or we can say that people are making each other popular while putting stories of each other. Recently, Sidhu Moosewala has posted a post in which he’s promising a car wash man that one day he will visit him whenever he will come that side. 

Yes! that person is requesting him that he want to meet him and wash his car. So, please visit his washing area that’s why Sidhu is committing  that whenever he will visit that area he will definitely meet that person. Sidhu shared a video with caption ” TERI AUKAAT BHUT VADI A JATTA ……. JIDN GEDA VAJJYA JURUR MIL K JAU 💪🏻”

Sidhu is in limelight through his songs and people are interested in connecting him through any mode of communication.