As we all know that people were very excited for June 21 as Diljit Dosanjh and Neeru Bajwa were coming together after 4 years and now their wait is over because ’Shadaa’ is released in the theatres near you and people are giving very good response to this film. 

This film is the story of Chadta & Vanjhali as Diljit is playing the role of Chadta & Neeru is playing the role of Vanjhali and they both are Shadaa and Shadi as Neeru is not ready for marriage and Diljit couldn’t find any girl. How they fell for each other not, how they’ve changed their mind is the concept of this film which is presented really well on screens with the good direction of Jagdeep Singh Sidhu as this film is well organised and every element of the film is really justified. 

If we talk about acting then we can say that Diljit is seen his ever loved comic avatar which he has played commendable but with a fresh input by new kind of comic dialogues and he has delivered them good as well. On other hand, Neeru has full supported Diljit with her acting and amazing comic timing and their chemistry has won our hearts once again. More to it, the main thing is that supporting roles are presented in a very good manner in this picture as roles of Anita Devgun and Hardeep Gill were commendable even they are love birds of the film. In addition, songs of this film are very entertaining but the title song of the film was not fit well. Coming to the negative points then we can say that first half was very entertaining as compared to second half as second half was somehow slow and there were some shots which were defocused.

In conclusion, we can say that Diljit Dosanjh and Neeru Bajwa has given a treat for their viewers and if people want to see a romantic comedy ride then this film is for them. We want to include one more thing ‘Apart from Diljit & Neeru the star of the film is Jagdeep Singh Sidhu and you will be seeing Jagjeet Sandhu in this film too. Overall, DAAH Films is giving 4 star to the film ’Shadaa’.