Satinder Sartaaj’s latest song ‘Shagufta Dili’ is released and we are not surprised that it is that one song that is sung from the heart with the sole purpose of reaching the souls of listeners. Whoever has listened to his previous songs, will without doubt know the kind of Sufism that is somehow prevalent in most of his songs. And this Sufism tends to bring out the kind of music that stays with us long after we have heard it.

Produced under the label of Saga Music in association with Yash Raj Films, the lyrics of this song are written by Sartaaj himself and music is composed by Beat Minister. It is a song about a lover feelings when he sees her beloved, a song about love and lovers and how they are so connected to each other. The chemistry between Sartaaj and his beloved has also been shown so beautifully that they make us feel the desire and desperation both of them undergo.

‘Shagufta Dili’ is one song you must listen to if you want to connect with love that is pure and ever-lasting, that is beyond.