Satinder Sartaaj is blessed with a lot of knowledge and is blessed to deliver that through his words in his songs. Recently, his movie Ikko-Mikke is the talk of the town where he is playing the lead along with Aditi Sharma. The movie is about the story of married couple and how they fail to develop the compatibility and part their ways.

Now they have presented their new song ‘Sharmida’ that is entirely based on Self Realization. Self Realization is the term that is the solution of every bit problem and fights in this world but to have that realization is a task and rarely people do. The lyrics of the song are penned in accordance to the song where Sartaaj has the realization of his mistakes and looking for forgiveness. Even it is also clear from the lyrics that he consider his mistake as sin and he is ashamed for that. Also, assured that his sin is not redeemed.

Further talking about the visuals of the song then both Sartaaj and Aditi are in grief. They both are looking at each other and their expressions clearly states that how they want to be back with other but can’t because during their fights they had crossed their limits. Also they both are apt in their expressions that clearly explains that what they are feeling. Now what will happen with their realization. Will they get back each other or will thier sins will be redeemed or not? All this will be clear on 13th March 2020.