Love is the most beautiful and positive feeling amongst all as it makes your life more beautiful and makes the aura around you more loving and also it gives the strength to conquer all and explains that how fearless love is. With this concept new song ‘Ishqia Pareshanian’ of ‘Ikko-Mikke’ is released which explains the difficulties that one faces in love marriage.

Saga Music presents Taanashah where Lyrics and voice is given by Satinder Sartaaj. Even in the song Sartaaj is featuring along with Aditi Sharma where they both are seen tensed about how to convince their families for their love. Also, lyrics makes you feel the musings of broken hearts of Satinder Sartaaj and Aditi Sharma.

Further, Sartaaj is famous for his content in songs and similarly the expectations from him is very high from this movie and he is seen standing on that expectation as the songs and trailer is making everyone fall in love the number of times one listen and watch it.

Furthermore, the song is presented under the label of Saga Music. Now what we have to see that like this soulful romantic song how Satinder Sartaaj and Aditi Sharma will be seen as Soulmates in this movie and how they will be Ikko-Mikke on 13th March 2020.