The vibrant diva and fame star of ‘Qismat’ Sargun Mehta has once again rocked all with her skills. Sargun made her feature film debut with the 2015 Punjabi romantic comedy Angrej and then after she did amazing cinema. Her last movie ‘Jhalley’ turned big hit and she touched hearts with her acting.

Nowadays she is in relaxing mode as we can see from her social media account where she posted everyday something new and different like a day she shared all her degree and documents from her college days. Similarly no one is unaware about her dream to be a singer and she usually shared this with her fans on social media and also on interviews. This time she went to Snap chat and was using some filters there she found a filter where she discovered a way how to be a singer and a secret superstar.

We hope that one day she literally find something and get her this dream to be true but yes we can say don’t be upset Sargun your acting skills are par and that is enough for your audience to love you.