Film industry is a platform where various artists love to explore their looks and potential, they also get chance to do these experiments in this industry. Similarly, in Pollywood we have such artists who usually do these experiments and the first name that comes in everyone’s mind is Sargun Mehta whom we lastly saw in Chandigarh Amritsar Chandigarh. She frequently shares her life generally through social media handle either its about love life or professional life, also she never confines herself to express on social media platforms.

Whenever people scroll her Instagram profile, they witness numerous looks of Sargun which usually describes her versatility. Being a celebrity, she might be scared of doing experiments with her appearance because there is always the fear of trolling as people never leave any chance to drag a celebrity down but she loves to challenge herself and always exceed in her every new look. Few days back, we have seen Sargun in punjabi attire on her social media and after couple of days, she was in Bikini look. Now, she has opted a complete different curly hair look. She also try to give fashion looks to her fans and audience.

Recently, she has shared pictures with short curly hair and colored lenses which were defining her serene beauty. Though she loves to experiment herself but here the question arises that whether this look is from her new film ‘Jhalley’ or from ‘Surkhi Bindi’ because few days back, she was spending time with Binnu Dhillon in that look and today she has shared a story with Gurnam in the same look. Isn’t this confusing? this can only be revealed by her and we hope that she would disclose it soon because her fans are curious about it. We really want Sargun to keep doing such experiments and give your fans opportunity to witness her versatile looks.