Golden Bridge Films and Entertainment Pvt Ltd presents the movie ‘Ik Sandhu Hunda Si‘ which is directed by Rakesh Mehta and produced by Bally Singh Kakkar has released their new song ‘Dil Todan Waleya Nu‘ which is written by Happy Raikoti and voice to his lyrics is given by Himmat Sandhu.

Talking about the visuals then it is clearly visible that Sandhu is heart broken because his love in the movie Neha is getting married to someone else. Also, she insulted his love and front of everyone that made him shattered and he is requesting that please punish the ones who break hearts. Moreover, it seems like their might be some reason behind her this doing but Sandhu is broken.

Now what will happen and how their love will be achieved because Sandhu is determined, powerful, gutsy as he can do anything and nothing will be impossible for him. Further, the movie will hit the screens on 28th February’20.