Saga Music, a music label but a platform for career to many. They always support new artists and help them in their growth. Recently, Sumeet Singh owner of Saga music shared a story of a singer who suffered from the ‘Taanashahi’ of some eminent personalities of punjabi industry. Sumeet shared the teaser of the song with a caption that explains how he fulfilled the promise.

He explained that Jagmeet Brar met him a year ago and told him about how his lyrics were stolen by someone who is the big artist of punjabi entertainment industry. Then he promised him that he will support him and will never let that happen again. He fulfilled his promise as the teaser of his song is released and song is releasing tomorrow.

Even Jagmeet commented on the post that “Dilon thanks bhaji tuhada jo aukhe time vich tuci mere nal khadey….menu guide kita menu honsla dita te support kiti. Oss Sache Patshaa da shukar hai jo tuhade nal mileya menu…kehnde hunde aa na Rab jo karda Changey lyi karda. We Will work together as a team and head towards success..te Waheguru apni kiti hoyi mehnatt nu rang bhag laave🙏 Thanks once again for everything Sumeet Bhaji.”

The teaser of Taanashah is witnessing Jagmeet Brar as Lyricist, Singer and featuring in the song.The music to the song is given by Desi Crew and direction is given by Amarpreet G S Chhabra. This is not it even along with Jagmeet TV artist Avneet kaur is seen who is known as a social media queen also she has more than 17 M follower on Tiktok and 7.8 M follower on Instagram that will also provide boost to the song.

We hope such supporters will always stand for new artist but one thing big artist much take in consideration that they were also new some day and if similar incident happened with them then they will never be there where they are today. So please don’t do such bad things that deteriote the image of Punjabi industry.